Custom Magento web development for already existing website. Create a new dynamic menu, design an eye catching mobile platform, and other miscellaneous changes.


This was a specifically interesting project, as we had to deal with an older Magento site that had been partially built, and the client wanted to add some custom features too. The site was working fine, but they did not like the aesthetics of the older design, and wanted to update the site to keep up with modern day trends. This was a project done in many phases.

Phase one was to code a custom menu in that would drop down and display in a more pleasing way, Including an advertisement display that would change depending on the item being hovered over, as well as a custom email signup area for people to be able to join their newsletter easily.

Phase two was to completely gut the existing stock mobile design that comes with magento, and build something that would be more visually appealing, and easy to navigate for visitors.

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