Classic Gentleman came to us looking to establish the look and feel of their brand. Throughout the logo development process, we worked closely with the Classic Gentleman team to determine their brand’s values, discovering what drives them and what makes them unique. The design of their logo needed to be one that would be instantly recognizable, modern and clean, evoking feelings of luxury while maintaining approachability.

Read on for Classic Gentleman’s thoughts on who they are, their experience working with us, and their plans for the future.

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PIXALIEN: Tell us about who Classic Gentleman is.

CLASSIC GENTLEMAN: Classic Gentleman is a lifestyle brand who gears at creating a code of ethics based on respect, chivalry, and morality. A Classic Gentleman connects with his community by bringing together diverse cultures of men and women from all walks of life. We all unite together through classy couture by borrowing ideas from the past times of social activism and modernizing them to adapt to today’s couture needs. Our movement encourages collaboration between talented and unique individuals, as well as support local businesses and create a network of visionaries who strive to change the world. Together as one, we are expected to challenge stereotypes and promote social justice in all realms of society.


P: How was your experience working with Pixalien?

CG: Absolutely top notch. Pixalien embraces and creates the overall branding experience. This team dives inside your brands psyche and personifies the true essence of your brand through visualization. From start to finish, Pixalien makes sure the client is satisfied 100% before proceeding forward. They are professional, on time, and coordinate around the client’s schedule.


P: What was the toughest decision during the logo development process?

CG: The toughest decision during the logo development process had to be ironing out what our brand’s emotional forte was. Since we have several people involved in Classic Gentleman, it was tough for us to agree on certain aspects of color palettes that represent us or how we wanted our actual logo to look in general. At the end of the day, the finished product was exactly what we dreamed of in our imagination.


P: How has the Classic Gentleman brand been received so far?

CG: People love our logo and how it represents who we are. The fonts, alignment, color, logo, and all included are complete perfection. Since having our logo, Classic Gentleman has become a respected brand in our community and globally. We are getting contacted from brands around the world asking about future collaborations or what our brand does.


P: Where do you see Classic Gentleman in 5 years?

CG: We see Classic Gentleman having several factors that represent our brand. First and foremost, we want to develop a men’s accessory line that should be unveiled in 2016. Second, we want to bridge the gap between communities and the leaders that run them by connecting counties, cities, neighborhoods, and individuals together. Third and lastly, we want to abolish ignorance among people who do not understand diversity among their fellow human beings.

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We’ve had a blast working through this process every step of the way with the Classic Gentleman team and look forward to watching them continue to expand and achieve awesomeness!