eCommerce website for Betamorph E-cigs to sell products and promote their brand.


Betamorph came to us for an eCommerce platform design. Based out of New Mexico, Betamorph makes gourmet e-liquid and also provides a robust line of accessories. The vape culture has been growing rapidly, so we were excited to get involved with this project right from the start!

The concept was influenced by the www.abductedrecords.com site. Betamorph wanted a similar look and feel to the Abducted Records site, but obviously also wanted to be unique in their own respect. We came up with a sleek, futuristic design, creating alien-crossed-with-machine-creatures to surround the Betamorph logo, then allowing the content area to flow from there to the bottom of the page.

Overall, we are very ecstatic about the site, and we continue to have an ongoing design and marketing deal with Betamorph E-Cigs that has helped push their conversion rates to more then 10 times the web average on some days. We are proud of both the site and of Betamorph for the website’s immediate success!

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